These 33 Classic Pieces Of Art Are Better In Meme Form

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Peter Paul Rubens is so extra.

We love art! Ever since the beginning of time, humans have been creating images and works of art in amazing ways. It started by carving images into cave walls, and now we have entire museums dedicated to centuries of art from every era, country, and culture, in every format you can imagine. The effort and creativity put into each and every piece of art is truly an incredible work of the human mind, and should be respected.

But do you know what's even better than extremely complex, gorgeous, painstaking works of art? Memes. Memes are just like art, but funnier. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but really, memes are a lot of fun. And some people on the internet had the great idea to combine works of classical art with memes, creating what's called... classical art memes. Very original, huh?

Some of the funniest memes on the internet involve classical works of art. These aren't memes for the average social media user, either... you need to have a multi-faceted understanding not only art, but also history and internet slang. Hey, this isn't just a normal clickbait slideshow! You're clicking through a GALLERY of extremely important pieces of ART... that are also memes. Here are our favorites! Get Started