27 Crazy Food History Facts You Never Knew

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27 bonkers facts about the origins of your favorite foods. Every culture all over the world has a cuisine associated with it. I mean, we all need to eat, right? So it stands to reason that eating would be a big part of building any human community. Sometimes the food eaten by a particular group of people is informed by the climate, like how Thai food often involves coconut, since it can grow easily in the climate there. Sometimes a food is developed out of necessity, and then becomes a staple of the culture - for instance, pork is the most consumed meat worldwide because it's much easier to keep a pig than a cow. (Goat is also popular outside the United States for the same reason.) However these foods came to be, they have a long history with their respective human cultures.

Humans have eaten a lot of varied things over the centuries, but these facts will blow your mind. Do you know how popsicles were invented? Or that caramel was actually used as a beauty product? When were chocolate cookies invented? It's probably not when you think! Learn cool historical facts about your favorite foods in this slideshow, but be sure to have a snack on hand, because you might get hungry! Get Started