What Crazy Thing Was Invented The Year YOU Were Born?

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Wait, WHEN were Post-Its invented??

Humans have been making new things since we found a rock in a cave and made it into a thing to hit other things with. While we're not the only species who uses tools - animals have sometimes been spotted using a stick to dig, for example - we're definitely the species who took it the farthest. Some of the things on this list are truly world-changing inventions, like the polio vaccine. Polio was a devastating disease prior to the development of the vaccine that's made it much, much rarer in wealthy countries. But what year was it invented? Other things on this list aren't quite as world-changing, like Diet Coke or Fruit Roll-Ups, but they still had an impact on society. Do you know what year they came into being?

Whether large or small, each year, thousands of new things are invented by humans all over the world. Some we still use every day, and some are forgotten in the mists of history. So what was invented the year YOU were born? What amazing contraption had its first days on earth in the same time you were taking your first breaths? It's kind of amazing when some of these things were invented - you'll never guess what year the first cell phone was developed! Read on to find out. Get Started