The Absolute Weirdest Historical Landmarks On Planet Earth

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History is so weird.

The world is truly a crazy place, and we humans have been obsessed with hstorical landmarks -- both man-made and natural -- ever since the dawn of civilization. Sure, you probably heard about the Ancient Wonders of the World (of which only the Pyramids still exist!) and the New Wonders of the World (like the giant Jesus statue in Brazil or the Great Wall of China) and maybe you've seen a few natural landmarks, like forests where mighty battles were once fought. We humans just love historical curiosities and wonders. The weirder something is, the more likely we are to want to visit that thing... en masse.

Sadly, even the most fortunate among us will likely never visit ALL the places on this list. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can now show you exactly what you're missing! You can always "travel" with us at Topix to faraway locations without ever leaving your couch. Here are the weirdest historical landmarks from all over the world... almost every country is represented! Have you visited any of these strange and bizarre locations (or would you even want to)? These historical landmarks are totally weird, and maybe that's exactly why we love them. Get Started