These Historical Undergarments Will Blow Your Mind

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Can you believe they wore THAT?

You won't believe the underwear people used to wear in the past. Undergarments haven't actually always been part of getting dressed. Way back in the day, you just wore some clothes that covered your body, and that was it. You actually didn't even wash them that much, because laundry took a long, long time before washing machines were invented. But as people began to wear more elaborate clothes, they would sometimes put something in between their fancy outer clothes and their gross human body. Underwear as a concept is really a way to keep sweat from getting on your clothes from the inside. In the United States today, underwear is a normal part of getting dressed - boxers or briefs for some folks, a bra for others, or maybe even stockings if you're feeling fancy. But do you know what people in the past used to wear?You're probably familiar with corsets, but do you know what a pannier is? What about a chemise? Do you think you would want to wear any of these things today? You might look a little weird, but you also might end up being super cool. Take a trip through the history of underwear in this might learn a thing or two (and add some items to your closet). Get Started
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