31 Most Powerful Images Of The Last Hundred Years

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How did they capture #17?

In the past hundred years or so, the world has completely changed. We have computer technology that has never been dreamed up, and civil rights get stronger every single day. And because of photography, we have captured some of the greatest (and rarest) depictions of historical events ever possibly recorded. You will not believe how many rare images of the past century that we've discovered... this will take you through an educational, entertaining waltz through history. Some of these photographs will shock you, some will make you laugh, and some might even make you cry.

Some photographs are of famous people, like our favorite Neo-Cubist artist. Others are of famous events, taken during conflicts and protests. Others are even of movie sets of films that changed the face of cinema forever, like Star Wars. We even got a photo straight from the NASA archives! The photographs taken are important, yes, but they're also rare -- meaning that these photos are ones you've likely never even seen before. You will be moved by the powerful, intense images. Which one is your favorite? How do you think you will react to all the different photographs and emotions conveyed in them? Click through our slideshow to see! Get Started