21 Vintage Photos Of People Who Might Just Be Time Travelers

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We bet you can't explain these pics.

Despite books and movies about the subject, no one has ever really been able to travel through time. Scientists have determined it might just be possible, but they still can't manage to do it. However, some of us have photographic or artistic depictions that seem to prove that maybe, just maybe, time travelers actually exist. There's no other way of explaining how these images came to exist. I mean, I'm not a scientist... I'm just a casual observer of photos on the internet, and someone who likes to connect the dots to see what the bigger picture might be. Who knows? There are some things science can't yet explain!

These are vintage photos... so why is there a cell phone in the picture? Where did someone in the 19th century get a pair of modern sunglasses? Did people have mohawks in 1913? Why does a gargoyle from the 1600s seem to be wearing an astronaut helmet? We can't explain these photos... but they're still totally wild. Whether they're sculptures, paintings, photographs, or just hieroglyphs, these images seem to indicate that maybe time travel actually exists. We found these photos, and we just can't explain what is happening in them. What do you think? Get Started