27 Things '80s Kids Did That Would Horrify Today's Parents

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How did any of us survive????

The 1980s were kind of wild, guys. If you've seen Wolf of Wall Street or any vintage Madonna video, you know what I'm talking about. Fashion, Trickle Down Economic,s and corporate excess are the things we criticize the most from the Reagan era, but the parenting was pretty buckwild, too. Parents gave their kids a lot of freedom, to say the least, and calling your kid a moron wasn't as frowned upon as it is today.

In fact, in the loose and yet strangely conservative '80s, you could be a happy nine year-old on a bike you built yourself, wearing NO helmet, roaming the neighborhood looking for random kids to play Star Wars with. Literally, you could go inside and play in some stranger's house, and as long as you were home in time for meatloaf, you were all good. If you wanted to practice your Hulk Hogan moves on your brother, you were fine as long as you didn't get any blood on his Adidas or your mom's snow globe collection. And if you did mess things up, your dad wouldn't think twice bout putting you over his knee and popping out a serious spanking.

Strangely enough, you all survived and seem to think you turned out just fine, so maybe hands-off parenting is best. Just kidding, you guys scarred your kids for life and turned them into the helicopter parents we have today. Don't believe me? Let's take a look at some of these choice '80s parenting fails. Get Started