23 Freaky American Historical Facts To Impress (And Creep Out) Your Friends

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My teachers must have skipped these!

Recorded history stretches back over 4000 years, so there's a lot of facts and occurrences to talk about during that time. But while the stuff you learn in history class is sometimes interesting, but it's not always plain creepy and bizarre enough for some of us. There are a crazy number of facts out there that you wouldn't believe if you knew them. Which US president reported a UFO attack? Why is the donkey the symbol of the modern Democratic party? What spooky thing did dentures used to be made out of? How about which major US landmarks seem to be haunted (oh, there's more than one of these)? What person do at least 35 million Americans share DNA with? Which US president liked to skinny dip in the mornings? Who (probably) inspired the Lone Ranger? What other cool thing did Harriet Tubman do before she was a legendary figure in the Underground Railroad? Like we said, there are a whole heck of a lot of weird, creepy historical facts. Interested in adding them to your cache of knowledge? Read on to find out some of the weirdest and most spooky facts from years gone by that your teacher NEVER told you about! Get Started