29 Weird Historical Facts You Definitely Never Learned In History Class

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Did you realize the past was bonkers?

Part of the reason that so many people are so fascinated with history is that it will always be a mystery to us. We can read as many letters and diaries and books written during those olden days, but we can never travel back there to live in that time. We can find household goods, tools, and clothes from people who lived 50, 100, 200 years ago (or more) - but we can't ever know what their lives were truly like. What did their homes smell like? What did the food taste like back then? We will probably never know those experiences, but that doesn't stop us from trying.

As much as we wish we could know everything about history, there are always some things that fall through the cracks. We get a highlights reel of the events of the past, not all the dirty details. And these totally crazy things you never knew about history will quench your thirst for all the wild, unexpected, and bizarre things that actually happened on this planet. Read on to learn some things your history teacher definitely didn't talk about! There's sure to be something you've never heard before in here. Get Started