Bombshells: 29 Women From History Who Were Incredibly Gorgeous

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Well-behaved women seldom make history.

29 bombshell women who were so hot, they changed history. Throughout history, some women have been singled out for their beauty and romantic prowess. Indeed, these women were perhaps some of the most attractive women to have ever lived. Because of their looks, they got themselves into scandalous situations that made them notorious. Until recently, only attractive women seemed to be able to break free of the bonds of gender oppression and become accomplished in the face of a millennia's worth of misogyny. But regardless, these women had it all! Smarts, savvy, wit, looks, and personality to boot.

They weren't just beautiful, though, they were also powerful! They took their looks and they were able to figure out how to use them to the best of their advantages. And so they weren't just pretty women -- they were women who changed the course of history with scandal, policy, attention, or goodness. Have you ever heard of Heloise, the nun who had an affair with a monk? Or maybe Evelyn Nesbit, who was basically the first "It Girl" of the 1900s. Of course you've heard of Nefertiti, right? Where would we be without these incredible women of history? They were so hot they ruined marriages and destroyed kingdoms. Keep reading to find out more. Get Started