29 Stunning Photos Of U.S. Presidents As Children

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Who had blonde ringlets?

29 childhood photos of people who grew up to be president of the greatest nation on earth. Who can grow up to be the president of the United States of America? Well, so far, all men, and all white, with the exception of President Barack Obama. That will hopefully all change soon, however! But so far, we've had 44 presidents in total since George Washington, who was our first president, elected to the office in 1789. It's complicated, though, because Grover Cleveland counts TWICE and now Donald Trump is considered the 45th president, even though he's only the 44th. Heck yeah! Since then we've had a lot of presidents of various beliefs, stances, abilities, and appearances. Do you have a favorite?

But even a man or woman elected to the highest office in the nation wasn't always so powerful. They used to be kids, just like you and I used to be. It's crazy to think that these little kids would one day grow up to be a president. Can you tell which president is which by the original painting or picture of them as children? Or are you bad at noticing the details -- red hair (like John F. Kennedy) or a West Point uniform (like Dwight D. Eisenhower) or even a poof of blonde, wispy hair (Donald Trump!) Can you look at these photos of children and guess which president they will grow up to be? Get Started