19 Historical Figures You Never Realized Were Virulently Racist

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Some of these are mind-blowing.

Racism has been a problem throughout history -- no one really disputes that -- and many historical racists are well-known. Some, however, seem to have slipped through the cracks of popular knowledge. Some are even historical figures you know well, and probably more than a few you might even see as heroes. Everyone's fave is problematic, though, and no one is perfect, so it shouldn't be surprising that some of these folks said and thought some really vile stuff. Did you know any of these? Which legendary progenitor of nonviolent resistance was also deeply, deeply racist towards Africans? Which beloved children's author pulled a full-on Third Reich and basically said "well, if everyone hates the Jews so much, there MUST be a reason for it?" Which US president held viewing parties for anti-black propaganda in the White House itself (most US presidents were probably pretty racist, but this guy took it to an amazing level)? Which figure who still has a national holiday dedicated to him is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of Native Caribbean Islanders? We bet you never even realized these 19 historical figures were bigoted as anything. Curious which ones they are? Read on, because some of these are astounding. Get Started