31 Hilarious Times Tumblr Nailed It When It Came To History

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These are amazing.

We all study history in school, but unlike, say, math (and sometimes science, let's be honest), history actually has a story to tell that isn't simply a logical reduction to cold hard numbers. We know you love history as much as we do, and one of the reasons is probably how much humor there is to be mined from the subject. Few subjects are objectively funnier than history -- it's why there are so many good jokes about it. And where better to find great jokes about history than on Tumblr? After all, if there are jokes to be had on a subject, Tumblr will already be on it. Whether it's Star Wars to Marvel to music to Harry Potter (ohhhh, so many Harry Potter entries), Tumblr is the source of an incredible amount of great internet jokes. So what does tumblr have to say about the (surprisingly exciting) misery of the Middle Ages? Or what King George thought about the American Revolution? What about a picture of a certain leader of the Third Reich wearing shorts? Ready to read the historical funniest from the internet's greatest source of humor? Here, then, are 31 of the absolute funniest Tumblr posts about history. Get Started