23 Chilling Images Of The Children Of History's Greatest Monsters

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Is evil in their DNA?

The children of the 23 most evil people who ever walked the earth--and what happened to them. You may know a lot about these infamous dictators, evil killers, and cruel leaders, but how much do you know about their children? Some of them ended up being, sadly, just like their evil parents... but others ended up being kind of... normal. Still, many children struggled with psychological problems that could likely be traced back to having a parent (or in some sad cases, both parents) who puts their own needs above their own, and created evil situations that will be remembered forever.

But what is it about these different children of monsters that make us wonder? You want to know if, maybe, evil is in their DNA. It's unfair to judge that, but there IS a debate to be had in the nature vs. nurture argument. Does parenting style change a child more drastically than his or her own biology? No one can determine this for sure. So if you want to see what the kids of Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Kim Jong Il, and Osama bin Laden are up to, check out our slideshow on this topic. How jarring must it be to see your relatives on a list like this? Read more about what it's like to be related to some of the most evil people in history. Get Started