Quiz: Are You Smart Enough To Name These Historical Hotties?

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95% of Americans can't name all of these historical hotties. History: it does the body good. At least it did for these historical figures that you may not have known were once hot. Jacqueline Kennedy was the wife of President John F. Kennedy until his death in 1963. Charlie Chaplin was actually a handsome man underneath that goofy getup and mustache. A young Joseph Stalin looks like a hipster you'd see in any coffee shop today. Hermann Rorschach is best known for developing the Rorschach test, during which people describe what they see in inkblots, but did you know he was a handsome devil? Helen Mirren is still an attractive older woman, but wait until you see her from way back when. Jack Kerouac is considered a pioneer of the Beat Generation, but he also had classic good looks. Lewis Powell conspired to take the life of United States Secretary of State William H. Seward in 1865, but he was criminally hot. Other historical hotties you'll come across in this quiz include Rutherford B. Hayes, Joe Biden, Nikola Tesla, Louise Brooks, Che Guevara, Frederick Douglass, Alan Turing and many more.

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