Quiz: How Well Do You Know European History?

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92% of Americans can't pass this European history quiz. Do you dream of crumpets and watch documentaries about World War II? Maybe your heroes are Joan of Arc and Beethoven. Or maybe you're one of those super lucky kids who got to take a trip (or even a semester) all over the European continent. If you did, you probably got to see many sights and sounds that reminded you of European history, thanks to the castles, museums, cemeteries, nature, architecture, art, and more. Which country is your favorite -- England? France? Or are you more of a Spain or Italy person? Maybe you prefer Eastern Europe, like Russia and Poland. Or heck, maybe you're even into Ancient Greece.

You can't love Europe without loving European history! Thanks to the fact that western/white/European history is disproportionately taught in America due to the inherent racism of our education system, you probably know more about it, too. Well, you can finally show your finesse with European history by flexing your brain muscles by taking our quiz on this very subject. If you're an American, you probably won't be able to get many of these right... or will you? We think you'll do okay, but not perfect. What do you think? Take our quiz! Let’s Play
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