Quiz: Can You Guess This Historical Figure From Their Childhood Photo?

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Can you guess these historical figures from their childhood pic? Children are truly amazing people who have the whole world ahead of them. As babies, they start out as tabula rosa, which is Latin for "blank slate." Whether or not you believe in the concepts behind tabula rosa, you have to admit that we all come into this world the same way: through our mothers, stark naked. From there? It depends on if you have access to wealth, resources, privilege, or education, or not. Some of these people did, but some of them overcame difficult circumstances to go on and accomplish great things.

These historical figures were important and powerful, whether or not they were good or evil. They definitely had a huge effect on our past, or in some instances, our present. Everyone from madmen to presidents to scientists are included in this quiz. But don't worry, we won't just include the photos and expect you to know the answer... we'll also give you a hint to help you guess who the person was! So you should definitely be able to get this pretty easily. Do you study history? Then you must know these famous historical figures from only a childhood photo, right? Prove it by taking this quiz! Can you ace it? Let’s Play
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