Quiz: Can You Identify All These Historic Places?

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Great Wall... or Berlin Wall?

93% of Americans can't guess these historic places. Have you ever dreamed of dropping everything, quitting your job and traveling around the world to see the many places you've learned about over the years? Most if not all of us have bucket lists that include such things as seeing the ancient Greek ruins of Athens, the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt or the Great Wall of China before we die. It's incredible to think about the history of such places. Just imagine if the walls of the Tower of London could talk. Or what it must have been like to scale Mount Rushmore and carve out those huge faces? Some historic places are very common for visitors who come by the droves each year, like Paris's Eiffel Tower or India's Taj Mahal. Then there are super-mysterious, far-flung locales like Easter Island and the strange, mystical rock known as Uluru in the middle of Australia. C'mon, who wants to GO RIGHT NOW?

Chances are, even if you haven't been to Italy you can still identify the Colosseum or the Tower of Pisa. But can you correctly name some historic places that might be a little more obscure? See if you're among the 10% of all Americans who can! Let’s Play
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